Mítico Macanudo

Mítico Macanudo


Unleash your senses with our Pink Bourbon “Mítico Macanudo” Single Origin Coffee, a masterpiece from Planadas, Tolima, Colombia, and crafted by Victor Gutierrez.

Dive into its enticing aroma of chocolate, cocoa, and toasted malt, followed by a burst of red fruits, light passionfruit, floral notes, and hints of white chocolate, spices, and blackberries. With an intense, juicy, and bright acidity, a balanced creamy body, delicate chocolate undertones, and a persistent fruity finish, it’s a coffee experience like no other.  A Coffee created as a tribute to Julio Arrastía Bricca, the Mythical Argentine cycling narrator called: “El Viejo Macanudo”,


MÍTICO “Macanudo”
Family: Victor Gutiérrez.
Farm: El Mirador
Region: Planadas, Tolima.
Altitude: 1.900 masl
Variety: Pink Bourbon.
Process: Natural Anaerobic.
Fragrance: Chocolate, Cocoa.
Aroma: Malt toast, red fruit.
Acidity: Intense juicy brilliant.
Residual: Caramel and persistent fruity finish.
Roast: Medium.
Profile: Aroma of chocolate, cocoa, malt toast, red fruit flavor, chocolate, slight maracuya, flora, fruity, white chocolate, spices, blackberry, intense juicy brillant acidity, creamy body balanced with delicate chocolate, caramel and persistent fruity finish.

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Weight 0.4 g
Dimensions 16.0 × 4.0 × 24.0 cm

Ground 250g, Whole Bean 250g


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