The Context

Colombia for many years, like other countries, has been known for its coffee production, but its recognition has not been thanks to its production volume, but rather, thanks to its quality, softness, flavor and sustainability.  Just like coffee, high-condition cyclists were born and developed in the mountains of Colombia, who, like coffee, have expressed their full potential at altitude. But, over the years, this mythical and iconic connection between cycling, the mountains and Colombian coffee has been lost.  Today, fewer and fewer young people from rural areas and coffee-growing municipalities have the opportunity to realize their dreams at the sporting level, that time when the “Colombian coffee” was the great promoter of Colombian cycling, the one that boosted the economy. of the municipalities and promoted the development of the cyclists who in the end shone all over the world, is over. Likewise, cycling like coffee has specialized, the fact of being a climber like our references were, is no longer something that ensures victory.

¿Why Mítico?

We believe in the essence of our culture and passion developed through our history, as magical forces and differentiating factors that help us to push the boundaries of what is possible.