We believe in the essence of our culture and passion developed through our history, as magical forces and differentiating factors that push us to go further.

CEO Mítico

Our Values

Create Community

Mitico reach out the global cycling community to all the processes, from coffee and cycling development to their impact on the environment (Colombian specialty coffee growing families and youth cycling programs).

Connect with our Culture

We make visible families,
farms, regions and coffee histories, as well as sports development processes,
both supported by coherent
and sustainable programs.

Keep our History
& Culture alive.

We contribute to the development and specialization of specialty coffee growers and young cyclists, providing support that allow them to be increasingly competitive and adapt to a global and changing market.

Because One is not enough

At Mítico we want you to enjoy all the magic of the aroma and flavor of the best Colombian specialty coffee, and because one is not enough, at Mítico we offer you packs according to your needs and so that you always have available the coffee you like the most .

Purchasing your coffee packs at Mitico is very easy

1. Explore the available coffees.

Explore the unique profiles of each coffee, ideal for you to find your favorites.

2. Directly to the Packs Area!

Choose from our pack options and build yours:
  • Staggliare (500g)
  • Devo (1000g)
  • Fuga (1250g)
  • Gruppetto (1500g)
  • Peloton (2000g)

3. Ready for Check Out.

Once you have chosen your pack and selected your coffees, and if you are sure to take the plunge, you can add your pack to the shopping cart and sprint to check out to finalize your purchase.

4. Raise your arms and celebrate!

Your coffee is in process and will be shipped on the scheduled date.
At Mítico Coffee, your shopping experience is as special as our coffees. Enjoy the freshness and quality that only Mítico can offer you!

Order your next coffee pack

1. Mítico Coffee Peloton

Get to know and fall in love with the available Mítico coffees so you can build your Coffee Pack.

2. Choose your pack and build it.

Choose and build your coffee pack, so you can share and enjoy the best of our coffee culture.

The Real Coffee Masters

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Gerardo Medina

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