Gerardo Medina

Conservation, high quality, and perseverance.  These 3 characteristics describe the family Medina-Lopez, the growers of La Telaraña farm. They are a perfect example of how protecting the environment and the hard work can generate development for a family and community.

Like many farmers, Gerardo has built his life by hard work. Born in Salamina, Caldas and from a large family, since a very young age he worked hard in the fields where every day he made an effort not only to help his family, but also to study and prepare himself.

Years later, he and his wife, Doña Cecilia, managed to expand their farm and started to grow coffee along with their former blackberry crop.

In this new path, their main goal was to develop a product with a high added value. Guided by Specialty Coffee experts, after a lot of experimentation and the implementation of new developments and processes, they acquired a greater knowledge of their crop and achieved the delicious coffee that you are now enjoying.

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